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Riding my bike-lefthanded

Driving pleasure and safety for lefthanded kids.

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Since my teenage years I love bicycles. I bought my first racing bike, Winora Sir in black, back in 1985. And it has accompanied me from the Hessian village I grew up in to Hamburg-Winterhude when I became a student.

Currently I drive an oldie Renner of Peugeot and I wish I could shift gears with my left hand. Guess I could change that.

Our boy should switch bikes from his 16 inch Puky to a 20 inch wheel and I love Woom bikes. But they too aren´t available for left-handed use (yet?). So I would definitely need to adjust brakes and gears and I am reminded again, why in previous years I eventually lost interest in many things, whether biking or taking pictures. It was always frustrating. And at that time I didn't really know why.

Well, I prefer to find solutions and I wonder why in Germany, where everyone is so concerned with safety, a left-handed child can´t have a biike with left-handed brakes and switches?

I look forward to the day I have all the components and I can take a picture of the resulting bike. The racing bike is bookmarked for a wintertime project.