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    Designer Meditator

    Graduation from ZivaLIVE course in Manhatten Nov. 2019

    New York City has a special place in my heart: In 2015 I was a finalist at the Independent Handbag Designer Awards with my first handbag design, bag No. 1.
    For business training I return every autumn and this time I also attended a live training course with Emily Fletcher to deepen my meditation practise.
    As you can see in the picture, bag No. 3 is fabulous for travel (soon again, hopefully).

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    Style and substance and a sense of calm!

    service second to none!

    "My previous handbags have always been chaotic to say the least! I like a larger bag but find that within no time it becomes full of stuff, disorganised and I can never find what I need. My Breul bag has changed all of this!

    To begin with the service I received in selecting the handbag was second to none. I had two consultations with the designer to agree which was the best shape and colour to fit in with my needs and at this point I was taken through all of the features of the handbag. I selected a beautiful pink colour way that not only brightens up my day whenever I wear it but has also attracted so many comments.
    My bag brings me a sense of calm. There is a place for everything, and in these times when keeping everything sanitised and ensuring I always know not only where my car keys and phone are, but also an array of face masks! This has literally been a lifesaver. The leather is soft and buttery and whilst it is incredibly functional it also feels really luxurious. Style and substance!
    Christine Cleaves, Bath, UK

    ...about the pouches

    beautifully crafted!

    "These pouches are gorgeous! I love this type of pouch and I have many similar, but none so beautifully crafted."
    Heather Dominick-Kosmicki, New York City, USA

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    Right-handedness is still the norm in our society and we challenge this, one item at a time.

    Boy writes with his left hand on a chalk board.


    Officially, 18% of us are lefties and the trend is rising!


    In the past, left-handed individuals were 'encouraged' to use their right hands, so that there are many among us who were converted, though still naturally left-handed. Those of us who were converted are quite good at adapting our behavioural patterns. „I can handle right-handed things just fine,“ we maintain. And then when you really hold something designed for your left-handeed use, the AHA! moment is often intense: „Oh! That is a lot easier, just like I imagined,“ we hear ourselves say. You'll certainly be able to appreciate our beautiful things from this point of view, regardless of whether you were converted, re-converted or have always remained a natural.


  • Breul.shop - it all began...

    ...with the desire for beauty in daily life: "I want us left-handed people to have beautiful things like a wallet and a bag which support the flow of our movements. A sense of beauty is such an inherent part of being human and for me it means that a thing is beautiful through-and-through, from its form to its workmanship." Susanne Breul

    Things designed for right-handed people collide with the natural flow of movement for left-handed people and we have changed that. So, at BREUL lefties´finest it is all about ease and flow.

    A connection with craftsmanship.

    My grandad was a shoemaker and grandma a seamstress, left-handed as well. Both had a modern approach on life in their teamwork, work-life-balance and their love and respect for craftsmanship. In my grandparents' workshop, my judgement for select materials and fine finish developed. "The smell of leather, the sound of the treadle in Grandad's shop. That meant beauty and quality."

    Less is more! Simple genius.

    One look at our growing collection reveals the fondness for aesthetic simplicity:

    "An object that is well-designed and well-made throughout communicates an easeThere was enough time for the object to fully mature. Omitting the superfluous and designing in harmony with the materials leads to a product in the end that radiates ease and conveys a certain quiet joy in the hand." The result: smooth flow. Nothing interrupts the elegance of movement.


  • The lefties´Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations about the left handed life.

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    January 25, 2016 · left-handed,Childrens book,Literature
    January 16, 2016 · brain breaking,left-handed
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  • BREUL lefties´finest is an enlightened company...

    Giving back

    As we evaluate processes, we do our part to reduce the impact of production on the earth and because the fashion industry is infamous for its use of water, we give a percentage of proceeds to charity water. We are working to support initiatives local to Conrwall and will keep you posted.

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