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Look at this mum: "Der Kasper"!

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"Räuber Hotzenplotz" is again good for a surprise. Although I´ve read this classic German children´s book numerous times, I hadn´t noticed: Shortly after we had started with "Schwungübungen" (a preliminary practise when learning to write), my son came to show me that "Kasper" (punch) apparently cuts the sausage left-handed. It's good to see. Thank you, Ottfried Preußler!

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And because Kasperl is obviously a chip from the old block, it is not surprising that his world-famous grandmother grinds her coffee on her equally famous coffee mill left-handed . Who might have designed this ingenious coffee grinder for her? I remember, I had a hard time with my grandmothers mill.

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So I tend to remember more the aroma of freshly ground coffee and would just like to get me one. And while I drink the coffe I can then think of more great new left-handed coffee grinders and more useful and beautiful things for left-handers.

P.S.: To show you the images, I scanned them from the book and I hope the Thienemann publishing company agrees with the additional advertising.

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