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Turning akwardness to ease.

How I found what it means to not write with my dominant hand and how to change it.

· left-handed,dominant hand

Life as a pretend right-hander (aka natural left-hander using her non-dominant hand for writing) was no fun at all for me. I canceled my first exciting course of studies in Physics after ten semesters to start over in a new town and a different environment and different course of studies: Architecture. Now, the challenges were even bigger: Could I do just fine in physics operating from my head, the clay in the "Elementares Formen" sculpting class with Professor Weber demanded I gained access to my gut-feeling somehow. I actually had stomach pain all the time and simply wanted to run.

After a few rather tortureous semesters and repeated visits to various intensive care units due to severe respiratory distress, at last the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel appeared:

My family doctor encouraged me to try out art or music therapy. I found a music therapist with a room full of instruments. Every week we dedicated the session to one of the instruments and I found out that the piano "asks something of me" while the cello "gives me something". Quite a difference. On new years eve 2002 I bought a cello in Kassel. I flirted with "actually being left-handed" in the conversation with the former owner. As a teacher he listened carefully and recommended Johanna Barbara Sattler's book:"Der umgeschulte Linkshänder - oder der Knoten im Gehirn"(the retrained left-hander or the knot in the brain). It took half a year until I bought the book and I finally saw daylight.

I am on an exciting and beautiful journey since and I would love to take you along, encourage you to live a full lefty life and to inspire you!

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